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School Coordinator’s Role

School Coordinator Role (printable PDF)
School Coordinator Role (video)

The Utrust Appreciation Program is a student led program which honors all staff members who work in your school on 8 appreciation days during the school year. The program is designed so “everyone does a little so no one does a lot”.

The School Coordinator plays a key role in ensuring the success of each of these appreciation days by coordinating the activities for the day and helping to create excitement among the students and staff.  An assistant principal is a great choice as the school coordinator.

As School Coordinator, you will coordinate all activities related to the appreciation day. Choose your team wisely, follow the Utrust model and you will experience fantastic success.

Prepare to Implement the Appreciation Program:

  1. Get the principal to help you enlist four (4) adults to assist you with the Appreciation Program. One adult will serve as the Creative Crew Adviser (usually the art teacher); one adult will be the Action Crew Adviser (usually a related arts teacher); one adult will be the Paparazzi Crew Adviser (usually the technology or yearbook teacher); and the other one will be the G-Force Adviser (usually the librarian).
  2. After the A-Team and G-Force advisers have been chosen, assist them in selecting four to six students with strong potential to serve on their crews. There will be a maximum of 18 students on the entire A-Team.
  3. Before the school year starts, provide an opportunity for parents and community groups to help in the appreciation day activities. Set up a table with a sign up sheet on registration night (or parent night, open house, etc.). Have 2 or 3 A-Team students stand at the table to greet and recruit parents to sign up. For more information on this on our website, click here to read more about lining up your resources.

Celebrate the 8 Appreciation Days:

  1. Before each A-Team meeting, pull the three Crew advisers together to decide which activities each team will carry out for the special day.
  2. Schedule meetings for the A-Team for the year and communicate with the team those dates.
  3. Communicate with the G-Force Adviser about activities the A-Team needs G-Force members to promote for the special day. 
  4. Schedule and plan presentations to the honorees for each appreciation day.  Ensure that each team understands and accepts its responsibilities, and the right people are involved so the presentations go smoothly.  Encourage students to make celebrations fun and honoring to the school staff being celebrated.

Ensure a Summary with Photos and Videos is Submitted.

  1. Make sure the Paparazzi Crew sends a summary with photos and video to Utrust through the closed Facebook group Utrust Coordinators. Click here to go to the Utrust Coordinators Facebook group.
  2. If at least 5 photos and a brief summary are posted in the Utrust Coordinators group by the designated deadline, your school will be entered into the Lucky Star Random Drawing for a chance to win $100 for your A-Team.
  3. For a chance for an honoree to win $100 in the Awesome Notes Random Drawing, post in the Utrust Coordinators group up to 3 photos of awesome notes written by students to the honorees. Include the full name of the honoree. The photos have to be posted by the designated deadline to qualify.

School Coordinator Video