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September 2015

Your G-Force Will Create GRATITUDE

“Gratitude is one of the few attitudes that can measurably change people’s lives.” Robert Emmons

The latest addition to the Utrust Employee Appreciation Program is a G-Force.  If your school doesn’t have one,  there’s no better time than now to start one. The G-Force is, in fact, a force to create gratitude Unknown
in your school.

The G-Force consists of two students from each homeroom chosen by the homeroom teacher in whatever manner s/he chooses you. Their job is to build an attitude of gratitude within their class throughout the year and to promote activities in their homeroom that have been designated by the A-Team for each appreciation day.

Building an Attitude of Gratitude.
The G-Force is charged with inspiring students in their homeroom to recognize the contributions of others and to
express gratitude to them throughout the year not just on appreciation days.

The G-Force Adviser will post a monthly mission for each G-Force member (in elementary school each G -Force member receives a card with the assignment on it). That mission will involve paying attention to an assigned employee group and looking for things they have done to makG-Force Studentse school a better place. During each week of the month, each G-Force member challenges one homeroom classmate to join him/her in observing individual staff members in the assigned employee group to find something the employee does to make the school a better place. The G-Force member or the classmate gives heartfelt verbal or written thanks to an employee if either observes something worthy of praise. Each G-Force member chooses a different classmate to help each week. The goal is for every school employee to receive expressions of appreciation from students throughout the year,
not just on their appreciation day.

Appreciation Day Assignments. On appreciation days,   G-Force members will be asked by the A-Team to lead their classmates in a specific activity to celebrate the employees being honored.  The G-Force Adviser will share the assignment with G-Force members.  G-Force members will have an opportunity to be creative in the way they exercise the assignment and in finding ways to encourage participation by their classmates.