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How to Set Up a G-Force

6 steps to Setting up a G-Force

1.The principal names a G-Force adviser.

2.The principal sends an e-mail or asks in faculty meeting for each homeroom teacher to select two students to be on the G-Force (sample memo)and turn in the names of the students to the G-Force adviser.

3. The homeroom teacher sends the names of the two G-Force Members to the G-Force Adviser and instructs the G-Force members to drop by the G-Force adviser’s office to provide contact information within one week. G-Force members are chosen in whatever manner the homeroom or classroom teacher wishes to choose them. They may be appointed by the teacher or elected by the students.

4. The G-Force Adviser collects names and contact information and advises G-Force members to watch for G-Force postings. (The G-Force adviser may want to submit the names to the school newspaper).

5. The adviser posts or sends information to G-Force members about continuing appreciation assignments at the beginning of each month and assignments about each appreciation day a couple of weeks before the day.

6. The G-Force Adviser periodically encourages individual G-Force members to carry out assignments and express appreciation to  employees in their employee group.