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August 2018

19th Annual Member Appreciation Dinner

The upcoming 19th Annual Utrust Member Appreciation Dinner will be held at the Oz Arts of Nashville on November 2. The Ozgeners brought unprecedented artistry to cigars and, previously, humidors and Meerschaum pipes. Having sold the company, CAO Cigars, the family converted their former headquarters into a contemporary performance & installation space and event center.  In 2013, the Ozgener family established the non-profit cultural institution, OZ, as a gift back to the city and country that have been so hospitable to them as first-generation, Turkish-Armenian immigrants.

As part of the evening festivities, we’ll highlight some of Utrust’s accomplishments this past year and hold a brief awards ceremony where both Bridwell Awards for the lowest unemployment claims and Awards for the Best School System Appreciation Program in East, Middle and West Tennessee will be presented. You’ll also hear some exciting news about what’s in store for this year.  

The Oz Arts of Nashville is located at 6172 Cockrill Bend Circle, Nashville, TN 37209.  Shuttles are available from the Opryland hotel departing from the Cascades Lobby to the Oz Arts of Nashville for those who would like a ride to the venue . There is also free parking available for those of you who choose to drive.   We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

2019 Member Appreciation Dinner

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