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December 2019

Fun-Filled Utrust Appreciation Dinner

You would have had to have been there in order to enjoy the evening to its fullest extent, but the Utrust Member Appreciation Dinner was filled with hilarious moments. Minnie Pearl made an appearance that had everyone laughing but the stars of the show were the participants. Every table was challenged to write an original verse of a country music song during dinner and to enlist as many persons seated at the table as possible to perform the song on stage. There were 30 tables of participants and 24 of those 30 accepted the challenge and performed on stage with every person at their table joining in the fun.  There were some talented singers and some very clever lyrics written.  Mostly singers were not especially gifted singers but that only added to the fun. And the dancing, back up singing, and playing make shift instruments like spoons or beating on a chair contributed to the hilarity of the performances.

Awards were presented to Anderson County, Jackson County and Benton County for having the best appreciation program in their grand division of the state. Carroll County, Fayetteville and  Humphreys County each received an award for having the lowest percentage of unemployment compensation claims.

The trustees announced that for the third year in a row, $1 million would be distributed to members through mini-grants. 

A very short highlight video may be viewed on the Utrust homepage of the events of the evening.