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August 2021

New School Coordinator Information

If you are a new school coordinator, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Click on this link for an account to gain access to our website for all kinds of information if you don’t already have one. All appreciation packets are on our website including the Bus Driver packet with the Road Runner theme set for September 16th.  
  2. Our website for the Utrust Appreciation Program contains appreciation packets, candy bar and water bottle templates, a song packet filled with every song for all the appreciation days, etc. 
  3. I would encourage you to go to the appreciation packets after logging in so you can see the information that will help your team implement the program as well as the Utrust Appreciation Program section where all of the other information you will need will be located.
  4. “Everyone does a little so no one does a lot”. Break your A-Team into 3 separate crews: Creative, Action and Paparazzi. Work with your principal to appoint an adult leader for each crew. 
  5. Before the first appreciation day–Bus Driver Day–meet with the other adult leaders to discuss all the details related to the appreciation day such as: what day will you celebrate? Time and place of the presentation? Will there be breakfast for the drivers or a goodie bag? All these questions are in your School Coordinator agenda in every appreciation packet.
  6. Join our closed Utrust Coordinators Facebook page if you aren’t a member.  This is a page where you can post pictures of your celebrations, share in the successes  with other coordinators across the state and be inspired by each other about the difference you all are making in the lives of school staff each day.  
  7. If you post at least 5 photos with a brief but detailed summary of the appreciation day before the set deadline, you are automatically entered into the Lucky Star random drawing for a chance to win $100 to be used for supplies for your Appreciation Team.
  8. Also, if you post up to 3 photos of awesome notes of appreciation written by a student to the honoree, the honoree has a chance to win $100 from the Awesome Notes random drawing.  We have three different levels of winners for each of the appreciation days for both awards: elementary, middle and high school.