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18 Nov

Station Camp Elementary Celebrates Custodians

Here at Utrust we strongly advocate the motto “Everyone does a little so no one does a lot”.  This results in appreciation celebrations that have more student and staff involvement and ultimately creates an attitude of gratitude within the school. Station Camp Elementary took this concept to heart when...
1 Oct

New Packet Format Thursday Tip

Welcome back to Thursday Tips! This week is all about following the motto Everyone Does a Little so No One Does a Alot. Here’s what you do: 1. Break your A-Team into 3 groups: Action Team, Creative Team and Paparazzi Team 2. Work with the principal to recruit an adult staff member...
29 Sep

Lake City Elementary Video Honors Bus Drivers

Lake City Elementary School in Anderson County did a fantastic job of celebrating their bus drivers with a Flintstone Theme.  They went all out making their bus drivers feel special on their day. From singing the Utrust provided song to the tune of “Meet the Flintstones” to making Flintstone...
16 Sep

16th Annual Member Appreciation Dinner

The Utrust Member Appreciation Dinner will be held at the Listening Café in downtown Nashville on Saturday, November 14. Superintendents, school board members and spouses of Utrust member boards are invited to attend as guests of Utrust. Central office staff members who work with unemployment compensation or the Employee...
9 Sep

New Format for Appreciation Day Packets

Beginning with Custodian Appreciation Day, packets provided by Utrust will be arranged differently. The packets will be divided into four sections: G-Force Adviser, Action Team Leader, Creative Team Leader, and Paparazzi Leader. The new design is intended to assist with the notion promoted by Utrust “Everybody does a little...
1 Sep

Your G-Force Will Create GRATITUDE

“Gratitude is one of the few attitudes that can measurably change people’s lives.” Robert Emmons The latest addition to the Utrust Employee Appreciation Program is a G-Force.  If your school doesn’t have one,  there’s no better time than now to start one. The G-Force is, in fact, a force to create...